I am an American-Iranian, born in Switzerland raised in Iran and the US. I studied art in California and after receiving various degrees moved to New York City. Later I lived in Frankfurt, Germany, where I participated in a number of exhibitions.
I have worked as an instructor of art/technology, production/graphics/ illustrator, a laundry truck/cab driver, house painter, labor union worker and repo- man. I was on the way of becoming a bounty hunter but declined and continue in art. My work interests is with ancient and prehistoric work of the Middle East and Central Asia, with a strong influence of tribal African and Native American art and culture, surrealism/automatism, automatic drawing, children’s art, the work of the insane, and folk motifs. Phillip Guston, Paul Klee, Picasso, Andre Masson, Wols and the COBRA movement have also been extremely inspiring.
I work with paper, clay, or plaster oil paint, watercolor, acrylic, nails, marble, and what ever seems useful. All materials have opportunities.
I often draw with my eyes closed. The oil paintings are scraped with rags, sticks, my hands, knifes, brushes, graphite, paper, cardboard or whatever is at hand at the moment. The work is improvisational. Little is planned. The painting moves rapidly without pause.



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